About Lockjaw

Lockjaw is a series of high resolution animated NFTs complete with sound and long-term benefits. Lockjaw NFTs represent a contrast between mesmerizing luxury and unholy grit. Owning a Lockjaw NFT gives full commercial rights to that skull, holders will be able to download their Lockjaw in .webm, .mp4, .gif and will be provided all the blendr assets to use however they please. Everyday 10 wallets holding a minimum of 1 Lockjaw NFT will be randomly selected to each receive 5% of the Lockjaw Opensea royalties generated in the past 24 hours. Therefore 50% of our royalty fees will be distributed to our holders everyday.

Each Lockjaw holder is entered into an algorithm-driven rewards pool for a revenue share of the royalties and a mystery key. We want the owners to share in the project's success. In addition to benefiting from the project’s success, we want every owner to have a say in the future of the project. Each Lockjaw NFT token gives governance voting rights for decisions on project partnerships, royalty fees, jewelry designs and more.

We’ve got airdrops planned and a solidified partnership with a real world jewelry brand. Stay tuned for big news!

WHY Lockjaw?

Every day, 10 wallets holding a minimum of 1 Lockjaw NFT will be chosen via a Las Vegas algorithm to receive 5% of the Lockjaw Opensea royalties generated in the past 24 hours! Wallets holding more than one Lockjaw NFT will receive entries equal to the number of Lockjaw NFTs held! Github link for the algorithm used will be shared publicly.

Lockjaw NFT holders will also get access to our backroom club through integrated Web3 functionality. This club will serve as your one stop destination for governance votes, sneak peeks and direct developer contact. Here, Lockjaw NFT holders will be able to decide the future of the project. These decisions will include potential new mechanisms such as burns, combinations of existing Lockjaw NFTs to combine and keep desirable traits and increase scarcity; or adjust the amount of rewards given, how often it will be distributed, and even adjust the Opensea royalty fees. Lockjaw plans to be the biggest community based NFT project in the ecosystem, and the holders are an integral part in our development.


  • Phase 1 - Shovel to soil

    • Opening of the Private Backroom Forum for Lockjaw Holders!
    • NFT governance integrated forum goes live!

  • Phase 2 - The Skull Split

    •Oct 15th 2021- Lockjaw Skelekeys release! 1 Skeleton key per
    Lockjaw skull will be available to mint for free for a week.
    • Hold your Skelekey to unlock your Lockjaw from their cage on Halloween! What will you receive? - You’ll have to wait and see!

  • Phase 3 - The Jaw Drop

    • We’ll be unveiling our first jewelry product partnership - Lockjaw owners will be able to view conceptual works, contact with the designers directly in our private forum.
    • Additionally, all lockjaw owners will receive a discount code for any merch purchases! To celebrate, we will be use 10% of the Royalties reserves accumulated to sweep all the floor Lockjaws and burn them!

  • Phase 4 - Grave Gratitude

    • To bring in the New Year we’re going to be hosting a series of
    Governance votes to determine the outlines and logistics of the Lockjaw
    DAO. A successful NFT project is more than just the art or the team.
    It’s the community that brings it to life.

    • Once the DAO is established, the Lockjaw team will henceforth work exclusively for you, the community.

  • Phase 5 - Beyond the Afterlife

    • We have Airdrops planned, more promising partnerships, fashion apparel brands, and so much more! The future is bright for these lavish skulls.

How is each Lockjaw NFT generated?

First, we run a python script where we list the traits and set the weighting of each trait and how often they will occur (rarity). Second, we get the list of the traits for the metadata of each skull, we send off the .json file of traits to our secondary team who do the majority of our renders. Once the renders are complete, we will be thoroughly inspecting each rendered NFT, to ensure that the traits match the metadata.


  • How much is mint? and what is total supply?

    0.08 ETH, initially 9999 Lockjaws will be available. Supply will decrease as new mechanics for the Lockjaw metaverse release!

  • What is the purpose of Skelekey? Just tell us already!

    Remember, the Skelekey is available for mint (for free!) in mid-October. To be eligible, hold a Lockjaw in your wallet. Owning multiple Lockjaws in a wallet will allow an equivalent number of key mints! On Halloween, you will be able to combine your Key and Lockjaw to unlock your skull from it's cage! What rewards are you going to get? You'll have to wait and see!

  • Who are you guys? And why did you create Lockjaw?

    We are a team of three friends in the San Francisco Bay area with expertise in coding and graphic design. The idea for the project was heavily inspired by the Heads in Jars from Futurama, and we wanted to bring an NFT to life with a similar concept. The project began back in early-July as a part-time creative outlet for us to work on. By mid-July, we were working on Lockjaw designs every night! Our foremost goal is to immortalize high-quality artwork onto the blockchain. Like you, we are incredibly optimistic for the future of blockchain technology and its continued implementation into modern society. We're confident that Lockjaw can be another important block in the ongoing development of NFT art technology.

  • What happens if my Lockjaw NFT is mis-traited?

    We will be thoroughly inspecting each rendered NFT to ensure that all traits match up. Each render was manually completed by our secondary team members using traits generated by an algorithm. When the Lockjaw smart contract is minted out (and revealed!) our users can report any mismatched NFTs. The Lockjaw Team will re-render any incorrect trait to match the unique token ID metadata. Two months after release we will freeze the metadata onto the blockchain. Freezing your Lockjaw's metadata will permanently lock and store all content in decentralized file storage.